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Slovanský večer - Dziewanna

Winter is a magic time. Then we celebrate Yule and call the Ancestors. Due to this we are inviting for Dziewanna's concert in Ostrava. Let's celebrate that with mystic/fantasy folk from Beskidy mountains.

DZIEWANNA (PL) - mystic folk/folk rock singer and composer from Poland. She cooperates with a lot of talented musicians, so their concerts are the mix of melodic vocal, folk instruments and heavier sounds. Dziewanna's songs are inspired by Slavic culture, "The Witcher", "The Vikings" and culture of mountains.
Her new album "Widziadło" won the competitions "Folk Metal Album Of Year 2019" ( and "Folk Album of Year 2019 - Wirtualne Gęśle"). Dziewanna was performing (among others) on Festival Slavs and Vikings on Wolin and folk metal festival in Ostrava this year.
Invite your friends and see you!

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